Lori ElsassReligious Education News

Our featured Saint for the Week is Saint Gerard Majella, born in 1726 to a hard-working Italian family.  His mother brought her children often to Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Graces. At age three Gerard loved the statue of the “pretty lady with the baby”.  As Gerard grew older, he would receive bread from the little boy of the statue and only his mother knew of the giver of the bread.  Gerard is known for dropping a handkerchief, which was picked up by a girl whom he told her to keep it for the one day she would need it.  As she was giving birth many years later, the doctor was sure the child would die. She remembered the handkerchief and held it to her womb. She gave birth to a healthy baby. Saint Gerard pray for the safe arrival and ease of labor for all those expectant mothers in our parish.  Pray that we may instill in our young people the love for Christ and the Sacraments of the Church. The Maria Stein Shrine has his relic, and his Feast Day is on October 16.  A great opportunity for a mini pilgrimage!