Adult Education

Becoming Catholic is only the first step. For those who were raised Catholic, our formation doesn't stop at Confirmation. Take a look at the resources below, and further your knowledge of our Church and our faith.

Man of God

The Man of God program seeks to combat the cultural siege of authentic manhood and reconcile the God-given call of every man to his natural, masculine vocation. As perfectly fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ, our mission is to understand and implement the three-fold purpose of authentic manhood: to guide, to guard, and to give. Strengthened by the brotherhood of other men who likewise seek a more purpose-driven life, we strive to live authentic manhood by understanding who we are and who we want to become. We seek to be firmly rooted in the faith and our identity as men of God in order to heroically live in a masculine way for our parish, our country, our Church, and our wives, sons and daughters! While we depend on God, the world depends on us! Join the Man of God!


Athenaeum of Ohio

The Athenaeum of Ohio is the Archdiocese of Cincinnati's accredited college for the furthering of Catholic Education. The Athenaeum is where our Seminarians study for the Priesthood, as well as our Permanent Deacons. The Athenaeum also has programs for lay persons interested in furthering their education.

For lay persons interested, the Athenaeum of Ohio's Lay Pastoral Ministry Program (LPMP) provides the Archdiocese of Cincinnati with one of the first and most respected lay formation programs in the United States. The program offers graduate and non-degreed programs in pastoral ministry as well as a variety of continuing education offerings of interest to adult Catholics.

For more information, please go to

If you are a Catholic man and are discerning a vocation to the Priesthood, please go to

Sacred Heart Radio

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati is blessed to have our entire Archdiocese covered with Catholic Radio. Sacred Heart Radio in particular broadcasts on several stations, both AM and FM, providing an opportunity to grow in your faith.

Several priests appear on the radio station from time to time and share stories of faith, answer questions, and offer prayers. The Sunrise Morning Show is also incredibly popular.

To listen in the Sidney area, tune in to 910AM, or download their app on their website,


Catholic Answers

Catholic Answers is one of the largest and well-known Catholic sites on the internet to day, with the goal to be the most trusted and accessible source for sharing, explaining, and defending the Catholic faith through as many media as possible: from personal contact to the most innovative means of mass communication.

Catholic Answers draws on several experts for their explanation of the Faith, including professors such as Fr. Paul Keller O.P., a professor at the Athenaeum of Ohio. Take a look at