Lori ElsassReligious Education News

SAINT NICHOLAS – The Feast of Saint Nicholas is December 6 and is the day many children awake to a gift secretly left by the generous Saint Nicholas. His legend reminds us of the importance of giving and brings joy to our young people.  If your heart calls you to help young people grow deeper in their faith, there are few gifts needed for the Holy Angels Religious Education Program:

  1. 19 Bibles are needed to gift to the sixth graders for their personal use and journey.
  2. 20 Catechisms are needed for PSR classroom use.
  3. 40 “Dear Jesus” books by the Children of Mary are needed to gift to the First Communicants.

Thank you for considering to be a Saint Nicholas, a quiet giver, to the children of our Parish. For more information contact Missy Bennett at 498-0433 or  May Advent be generous to you.