Religious Education News: Summer Activities

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Summer is a time to go deeper in the journey of faith. While we may be on break from the regimental schedule of classes, we can still be forming in our faith and the formation of faith for our young people. The dog days of summer provide an opportunity to connect the dots between what children have been learning and the world around them. For example, when the temperatures rise and the water hoses come out, bring out some biblical stories involving water. Consider sharing stories about the Creation, the Baptism of the Lord or the Wedding of Cana. As you prepare the family for a nature hike, why not read and share some of Saint Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Sun. If you are looking for more summer fun and faith-filled activities, check out We would love to share what the Holy Angels Church family is doing for their summer faith journey. Email us your pictures and information and let us share your summer journey on our Facebook page!