Religious Education News: Evening Rosary

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Summer time provides evenings of opportunities to grow together in faith and family. For many of us, the bedtime hours can be delayed and the evening sky enjoyed. The night sky can provide the perfect backdrop for an evening Rosary. An inviting way to pray the Rosary as a family would be to use glow sticks and our outdoor nighttime landscape. Consider using three colors of glow sticks, however two colors can work. One color to form the cross, a second color for the Our Father beads and the third color for the Hail Mary beads. Place your stakes in the ground outlining the rosary (Cross, Our Father, 3 Hail Mary, Our Father, 10 Hail Mary and repeat for a total of five
decades). Glow sticks and ground stakes can be economically purchased at Dollar Tree, Walmart or online at Amazon. As a family, join together to create a living rosary. Have each child participate by snapping the glow stick and then leading in the Our Father and/or the Hail Mary prayer. This is a fun, tangible way to learn the rosary. Enjoy your summer nights and the peace of the rosary!

For more information, go to For the Rosary prayers, go to We would love to share what the Holy Angels Church family is doing for their summer faith journey. Email us your pictures and information to and let us share your summer journey on our Facebook page!