St. John Vianney High Mass

Lori ElsassPastor

ST. JOHN VIANNEY was born of devout farming people on May 8, 1786, in the village of Dardilly, in the French diocese of Lyons.  Due to his obligations on the farm, as well as, the ravages of the French Revolution, John was able to obtain only a scant amount of formal schooling; but at the age of nineteen he left home to begin his studies to become a priest.  John became Father Vianney on August 13, 1815.  Father Vianney received an appointment to be the pastor of the parish of Ars and for forty-one years poured himself out, heroically bringing his people to the Faith.  St. John Vianney spent as much as sixteen to eighteen hours a day in the confessional, only sleeping a few hours a night.  From 1824 to 1858 he endured almost nightly attacks from the devil who once revealed to him that if there were three such men as he alive at one time, the devil’s kingdom would be destroyed.  Worn out by his labors, he died at the age of seventy-three on August 4, 1859.  St. John Vianney was canonized in 1925 and was declared the heavenly patron of all parish priests by Pope Pius XI in 1929.

Please join us as Fr. Amberger, Fr. Langenkamp and Deacon Jeff Stegbauer celebrate a Solemn High Mass (Extraordinary Form-Latin) on Wednesday, August 8 at 7:00 p.m. for the feast day of St. John Vianney.  The schola will consist of seminarians and seminarians will be serving the Mass.  Please come and ask St. John Vianney to intercede on behalf of the priests and seminarians of the Archdiocese that they may have hearts like Christ’s.