Lori ElsassReligious Education News

JOY to the World … Our Lord has come!  In the quietness of Advent, we have been awaiting our Lord’s arrival and now He is here.  Imagine the simplicity of His birth.  A manger in a stable with only the animals because the inns have no room for Mary and Joseph.  In the short weeks of Advent, we have had time to prepare our hearts.  We have had time to prepare to open the door to this infant child we call King, Savior and Lord.  

We asked some of the PSR students how they could prepare their hearts for the coming of Christ and this is how they responded: 

I can pray more. I can help my family. I can listen better at Mass. I can go to adoration.  I can go to confession. I can give up candy. I can help the homeless.

The Religious Education Office would like to say thank you to Father Amberger, Father Langenkamp, the Parish Staff, the Holy Angels School Staff, and to you for your support, gifts and prayers for the more than three hundred students participating in religious education programs through PSR and Holy Angels Catholic School.  Most importantly, thank you for bringing your young people and forming their young hearts to be the new missionaries of Christ! 

Just as Christ simply entered the world in a quiet, barren stable,
we simply wish you a very Merry Christmas. JOY to World!