Humanae Vitae – 50 Years Later

Lori ElsassPastor

Humanae Vitae

July 25, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Humanae vitae, the papal encyclical, written by Blessed Pope Paul VI in 1968.  IHumanae vitae Blessed Pope Paul VI reflects upon how God designed the nature of married love. This he draws from Sacred Scripture and the Catholic Tradition. The Holy Father writes that married love is fully human (involving the body and soul). Married love is total, faithful, and fruitful. While society lauded the apparent advantages of the birth control pill and other forms of contraception, Pope Paul VI prophesied that if artificial methods of birth control became widespread, there would be several very disastrous outcomes: 1) an increase in marital infidelity and a gradual weakening of morality; 2) men would lose respect for women and treat them as instruments of selfish enjoyment; 3) a dangerous power would be put into the hands of leaders who, caring little about moral law, would mandate contraceptive methods; and 4) it would mislead human beings into thinking that they had unlimited control over their own bodies. Looking at the dramatic increase in the number of cases of divorce, marital infidelity, out-of-wedlock births and cohabitation – the lurid increase of pornography – the absolute scandal of abortion (4,000 induced abortions every day in this country alone – that is not taking into account the early abortions which occur through the use of the pill which acts also as an abortifacient) – many countries mandating sterilization/contraception/abortion programs – a general lowering of basic morality – can anyone honestly say that Pope Paul VI was wrong?     Blessed Pope Paul VI, pray for us.